T9 Spelling

Language implementation : C++.

#include <iostream> 
#include <string>
using namespace std;

string T9[] = {"0", "0", "abc", "def", "ghi",
	         "jkl", "mno", "pqrs", "tuv", "wxyz"};
int main()
	string input;
	cout &lt;&lt; &quot;Please enter your text: &quot;;
	int i = 0, j, k, l;
	while (i &lt; input.length())
		if (input[i] == ' ')
		//j = counter variable to iterate T9 string arr
		for (j = 0; j &lt; 10; ++j)
			//find the position of the char
			//within the mapped pad[T9]
			l = T9[j].find(input.substr(i,1));
			//break point
			if (l != -1)
		//print out the number to press
		//l = how many times to press to get a key
		//j = the mapped number of key groups
		for (k = 0; k &lt;= l; ++k)
			cout &lt;&lt; j;
		cout &lt;&lt; &quot; &quot;; 

	return 0;


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