Wireless Limited Access Problem

Once in a while, my Wifi (not actually mine , iam using my neighbor wireless =)) )resets, and my computer cannot get to the internet. The tray wireless icon displays exclamation marks.

I checked on my IP address, and found out that it keeps getting the same IP address 169.xxx.xx.xx, or the like. I tried flush dns, renew, release, but to no avail.

Huhmm, maybe my wireless card driver broken,possibly?. I reinstalled it, but it is still not working. What on earth seems to be wrong here?

Don’t know why in a while, DHCP flashes on my mind, so I checked on the service, and found out that it is disabled, I re-enabled it and internet is back. Huhm, why is it off?

So the solution for people having the same situation as me is:

1. Check the wireless driver. Update or Re-install if possible.

2. Check if DHCP services is started. You can do so following this steps: run > Services.msc > look for DHCP client, and set it to automatic.


This is kind of related but not quite. I just add it here because I do not want to start a new post.

Pre-condition: My friend updated his network from 3Mbps to 30 Mbps(of course I am using his network, too), but when he run speedtest, he only got about 0.89Mbps. Weird. Huhn!!! We mumble jumble for a while, then we accidentally figure out the problem

Because he switched from one ISP to another ISP, but unfortunately Windows cache the old ISP’s DNS. So you have to reset it to new one. Here is the fix.

3. Do as 2 but “look for DNS client, and RESTART it”.

THat is it. Will update if strange things happens.

That’s it. Not bad.

Hope it helps


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