The Big Font problem

As I purchased a new netbook months ago, I increase the size of the font to huge, which turns out to be the main cause of my netbook running slow. I guess because windows was trying to load the font everytime. One example. The before, my opera is loading ridiculously slow, sometimes not responding. The after, many tabs, no problems. The problem vanished , haha.

Bonus, anyone is having this problem of Opera:

Opera Google problem

This is because of the ‘Fit to Width’ option of Opera; it tries to resize every webpages to fit the resolution of your monitor/screen.

Here is the fix:

Go to  : Opera >Preferences(Ctrl+F12) > Webpages > Uncheck  ‘Fit to width’ box(If you ever check it^^).

That ‘s it for today.

P/S : Human is born to err ^^.


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