That little effect

This is to me the Linux killing effect compared to Windows(hey I don’t hate Windows, either. I come back to it once in a while). How do I call it, that “Scroll-everywhere-even-outside-of-the-focused-window”

Say, I have a window that I am focusing on, whose color is heavier than all the other, and all the others are on the background of this focused one. I don’t know what Linux does, but I can even scroll all the windows on the back. Nice, right!!!

OOops! It's the Mac image
OOops! It’s the Mac image

I am usually coding or learn to code, so in windows to type in the code example, I have to either Alt-Tab or select the Reader windows. Doing this many time would be nasty and tiresome. In linux, I would just shrink my text editor and scroll the pdf windows to the part I need to type. Pretty need. 2 Button vs. Mouse 3, which do you choose?

Note : You can achieve the same effect in Windows, with WizMouse


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