Graduate school OS Class

Im taking OS class this semester. Today I went to check out to see if there is a course web page online, found out there is and there are tons of informations in there and a take away:

“Class paces are fast-OS is complex so its hard to cover everything all at once(comprehensive). Be prepare to learn things on your own ( class discussions are available and professor is there to help). If you work hard, you will learn a lot” (paraphrase by me, ‘quote’ just in case it is plagiarism^^ )

So I better lift my butt up and study real hard. The course expects me to prepare the following:

* Be proficient in C and its relatedness. OS dev is mostly programmed in C( C++/C# OS however exist[Haiku/Singularity])
-Material : B. Kernighan and D. Ritchie, C Programming Language, 2nd Edition, Prentice Hall, 1988.

-Learn Git(Joe Topjian, Pro Git free book) for source version control and back up code to dropbox.

-Learn gdb, to debug programming

-Learn how to write MakeFile. ONLY SUBMIT *.c and *.h, binaries would result in grade reduction/penalties. Examples I found

Ubuntu 12.04 as a defacto standard. Learn Unix as soon as possible. Material : Joe Topjian, Unix for the Beginning Mage

-Seems to be uploading assignments to an online server. The server is an Unix machine so your submitted assignment might not work out of the box, but the change is minimal and you can log in to the system to verify and test your solution. PLEASE don’t develop from Windows haha, the line feed ending is different. There are programs out there to convert windows text to Unix/Linux compatibles

*Additional resources:

-David Rusling, The Linux Kernel.

The following is from the course website:

(These resources below are provided for your information. Please note that the instructor has not read most of them. Please use these resources at your own risk!)Programming:

  • C Programming (by Steve Holmes at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, England) – includes notes on make, separate compilation, file I/O, etc.
  • Makefile tutorial (at Colby College)
  • Steve’s Software Trek (by Steve Karg) – includes some useful C/C++ source code for string manipulation, INI file manipulation, etc.
  • C Examples – lots and lots of sample C code for basic stuff.
  • C/C++ at USC from USC ITSWeb
  • Online Judge online portal for IT interview


Just for fun:

That’s a lot of stuff to learn. See you in a year haha.


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