Trouble with ubuntu

Since the course required Ubuntu I have to say goodbye to my current Linux distro’s Mageia ( Note : I could triple boot; However could not afford to do that yet since I’m running out of space on my little Asus minion – a cool little netbook that carries me through 2011-now ). Next, I spent a whole day installing Ubuntu……!!!

1. Peculiar Wireless driver.

After I boot off the liveCD( by way of making a bootable Linux ) and clicked off the “Install Ubuntu option.”

  • Install MP3 driver : checked
  • Connected to Internet : checked
  • Connected to power source : checked

Things seem to be well and good except it hangs. I could move my mouse and click log out, virtually everything functioning except “OK” and “Cancel” option hangs. Weird. And it stays there for hours on end.

I was googling frustrately but could not find the solution to the problem until some guys said that maybe the disk is corrupted. Hah. Maybe. So I booted back into windows and download the iso again making sure the bytes downloaded correct. Then tried installing Ubuntu again but still not working. Hmm, maybe the bootable-making program is malfunctioning. For quite a while I have been using Mageia’s method ( I use rewrite to dump the ISO content to usb ) of making bootable DVD since that is the only way that works for Mageia ( Unetbootin does not work ) so I kind of thought that it would work with Ubuntu too ( there’s no universal way of installing software ). Maybe I was wrong. Let’s follow what Ubuntu people’s instructions – using Universal USB Installer. That got sorted out but still the screen still hangs…What in the world.

But then I see the pattern. When I got into the live cd disk and connected to the Internet/Wifi, then right after I click proceed, the wifi disconnected right away. Even if I did not click install, but go to Firefox, it would connect to Google then shut off the Internet. When I hover my mouse over the Internet notification it yells “Network disable.” Very peculiar. I gotta fix this

A couple google turns back some helpful information. So a guy said that maybe the wireless driver is hardware-off, or software-off. I checked and mine is software-off , hardware on, so I should be fine ????

A couple more googles and I figured that my wireless driver is among the notorious ones known for being patchy. Hmm. So some guys suggest downloading the official driver and kernel mod it to the live cd and it should work except that it didn’t …..

Man, I’m tired of all this.

Google all day hoping to find some useful article : stackoverflow, superuser , stackexchange. DIDNT help.

However, one guy said that don’t connect to Internet when installing Ubuntu because doing so Ubuntu would snag in its driver and disable the old driver. Hmm, make sense. After all, I only Ubuntu to do the homework, why would I need the internet anyway – let Window do that. Tried that and surprisingly, it worked. Boot back into the installed Ubuntu, wireless works flawlessly, using the open source version right now.

2. A couple small issues

 Browse through the “x Things to do after installing Ubuntu

 Install Theme, ubuntu-restricted-extras, so you can enjoy youtube, and watch videos ( don’t forget to install VLC)

 Start Ubuntu in 2D mode because my laptop is not that up-to-modern-hippy-little-trendy

 Enable two-finger scrolling ( because who would use one-finger scrolling )

 Update but not upgrade ( 12.04 used for class kernel programming )


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