Difficulty starting out

So Im back to the States and ready to start the new semester except for one thing …. School bill was overcharged with late fee and finance charge. What in the world? I checked. Turns out each student should complete payment plan the friday before semester start. Darn it.  Roommate said I could go to the school’s finance office and beg them to waive it with a legitimate reason. So I did. Before I was even asked for a reason and seeing that I was rambling BS with a sad face, the lady granted it provided I need to set up the plan ASAP and called her back once it’s done.

Hmm, not too bad, I know I screwed a lot of thing up by simply relying on “let’s wait for tomorrow to see if its better” aka procrastination but you know , there is always second chance and I won’t miss it again…Hmm, Friday

Inspiration from Casey Neistat

UPDATE : Turns out Vietnamese Bank Account does not support routing number, an American-standard only. Hmm, probably my best bet would be to swipe pay the tuition each month. Hopefully, they accepted it. Finger cross.

Wooot…. a monody( lamentation ode )


UPDATE : They DID NOT LET ME FREAKIN’ SWIPE. Back to using my U.S Bank Account which will run out of amount soon. Before then, will got supply packages from mom so no worry here




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