[Web Technologies] Thought it is just about JS/HTML

It’s about all the technologies implemented and used on the web….PHP, Mobile App, etc

*Teacher, a big head

Dude is a legend of some sort, been studying and working for 30 years, founder of a lot of internet computer — found himself jumping jobs during the internet bubble period, LA supreme court chief-of-sth-that-i-forgot-he-did in which he described contain desktop, tablet, mainframe mostly managing crime data, most recently MS Sharepoint consultant/advisor…..What an honor

*Course Rule and specification

  • Flexible lecture : 2 sections, you can come to either one though the 2nd one pace is faster. I doubt that this one has online videos, which I said yes to the question the student ( girl ) next to me ask : ” Is this a DEN class? “, and immediately the dude on the row in front me respond: “YES.” This dude is very weird. Indian. Kept looking on the back of the class – he turned his head sideway so while focusing on the lecture my eye met his so his eyes square mine ( think ‘sup : sword crossing ) … Focus on the lecture dude….
  • 2 exams : sigh
  • You should not ask the professor for regrade or question on the assignment. Grader is the designated person to ask. Should email them
  • There will always be a video at the end, more like extra activities, in-depth information on the subject matter. Cool , love this
  • New Rule added to the academic integrity in addition to those plagiarism blah blah blah : No cell phone in the exam. -10 points….Hmm, weird

*The Web : interconnected strings attached to threads knitted by laborious spider for the purpose of navigating as well as catching prey( us ) 🙂

The Webb

The web’s content is mostly contained of …. porn. SRC. SRC. SRC . This reminds of my yappy laughing quotes : “Can’t solve the p problem in college ? ”

How many websites are there ?

What is needed to run a website a.k.a host a website:

  • Hardware : Computers, computers, lots of them.
  • Software : Server OS ( RedHat, Windows, OSX ), Database ( MYSQL, PostGre ).

==> Depends on load balance hardware needs upgrading, software needs purcharsing.

Some business prefers self-host ( local/internal access only ) : banking, classified, military, medical data.

Web server farm : group of computer daisy-chained housed in same geographical area to maintain website, to address some of the issue : redundancy ( backup of data for failure ),  security ( firewall ) .

Apple server farm

Web hosting services:

  • Small business : 1&1, GoDaddy, Yahoo, etc
  • Big business : Rackspace, Network solution

Cloud computing : on demand web service access to massive amount of computers. With API, software all web based. Prominent player : Amazon, Google, Apple, etc. Especially Amazon Web Service , elastic means it could scale on demand. Netflix benefit a lot from this. Most recently they released movie same day on 6 regions, and keep counting. ( Traditionally, to deploy internationally means to own servers internationally but that would be too costly to Netflix but thank to Amazon, win-win situations here )

Browser : an application to access the web through which enters the internet itself

  • A GUI app renders web layout by decoding Web languages : HTML, Ajax, Javascript , ect typically by delegating to layout engine such as Webkit, Gecko, Trident, etc
  • Understands web protocol such as TCP, FTP, TELNET,etc.
  • Extensible : plug-in possible, tweakable.
  • Security-armed : guard user off of danger by communicating through secure channel, filter certificates.

Chrome > Firefox >  IE > Safari & Opera

Making money out of the web : Google makes a good chunk of money through its ads embedded on its search engine layout whenever user searched any information, since the web is the house of data and for the fact searchable.

*Moodle replacement:

The professor said he was one of the first adopter of a classroom interaction software/service called piazza. From the look of it, it reminds me of moodle an website building engine/service that my undergrad has been using and the NO NO NO that my C++ professor gave me when he was explaining the rule of submitting the assignment through emails instead of moodle stressing : “What is the site is down?” and kept satiring me down the road. Mr Chinese looking sings it well 🙂


Here is the founder story video at the end of the lecture. Quite interesting .


Start-up is interesting . Well, I don’t have a green card yet. Stay dreaming. One bulb in the class is flashing intermittently . Maybe its time.












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