Somebody just pretends to cough

Cover your mouth

Yes. I do think so in the library. I don’t know why. Here is my guesses.

  • To shout out to the cold quiet silence of the library. Really. How long could you stay quiet ? me not too long. But library’s rule said one should not make any loud noise at all. I guess once in a while, coughing is okay. Won’t bother anyone.
  • To make yourself known, the very existence of yourself. Some people just can’t help. Oh here is me coughing. Anybody bothers looking ? Oh yeah I’m awesome.
  • Excessive coughing in a minutes frequency leads me to think that the cough-er is pretending to cough.
  • You are judgmental. Calm down. Yes. I’m judgmental. Let thing flows. Will be okay

I’m coughing against my last experience in the library ( in Vietnamese, basically group study failure ). Oh yeah. one more things. I can’t help fighting against the noise by silently typing this blog post :).



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