About the internet. I drew a picture

To sum up, Trends aligned with new technology emergence:

Growth in all territories: user populations, smartphone OS, digital data ( photos and videos ), social media, mobile user, tablet user, microsoft dominance decrease.

Here’s the break down. Most of it was borrowed from the KPCB, said the professor. Man I thought he meant some Russian party :).

The internet is close to 1.2 million host but is hitting a plateau ( slowing down ) SRC.

Internet users:

1995 : 35 millions ( 0.6% population )

2014: 2.8 billions ( 30% population ), yearly growth rate : 8%

Internet penetration : small in China( possibly ), high in India (hmm?).

The number of websites owned by USA ( Google, Yahoo, etc ) > China’s ( QQ, Baidu, etc )

Smartphone OS : 5% ( – 8yr ) -> 97% ( 2016 )

Content is increasing 9x in 5 years.

Photos : 1.8 billions uploaded and shared per day. 44% used camera. 76% post on social media such as Instagram, Snapchat, facebook, etc. Professor said infact, pictures does not mean private property anymore. Social media designates your habit of taking picture; if it were not for it, you would not take the picture. Well, …

Mobile phone user : 1% ( 1995 ) -> 73% ( 2016 ). Mobile traffic increases > 1.5%/year.

Tablet growth : extremely rapid, ipad solely : ~3x iphone growth. Compared to PC : increasing 52% by 2013.

Technology cycles : typically last 10 year. Going strong. Especially wearables

Smartphone OS v.s Windows : ios + Android ( 60 % ) , Windows ( 35% )

Cloud technologies are booming, led by Amazon.

Top global apps are messaging apps.

Notifications is a must-have.

Social Media as first source for news.

Merchandise : Alibaba/Taobao > ebay > amazon bc of low take rates.

Global internet market leaders = Apple/Google/Alibaba/Facebook/Amazon ,…

He mentions margin as a way those company make money. Apple rakes in 35% of each device sold…Wow

Internet of Thing ( IoT ) : all devices built in internet capability for inter-connectivity/communication. That’s my definition.. haha

Many platforms are available, many API out there.

* One important aspect of the internet is the Domain Name System ( DNS ). Each website has its IP address ( like identity ) that is alias-ed with an address ( URL ) following a protocol ( http(s) ). The format is as follow :

protocol://domainname(or address ):port#

When you connect to the internet. computer and router probably does a hundred of these lookup identity => bottleneck : request and response time ,cache misses, etc

Top level domain name : com, edu, gov, mil, net, org. Later on additional level was added : biz, info, etc.

www is a unified information/documents-retrieval standard maintained by the www consortium.

Technologies involved:

Client/Server architecture

Network protocol

Addressing system

Markup lnaguage

Wow, such an exciting year for the internet.

KPCB’s internet trends

Mar Meeker’s video


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