The difference between “speak-to” and “speak-with”. I wish


I used them interchangeably without understanding until I heard it in Arrow s4e4- The magician. Laura stormed out of the base dissapointed of Oliver not killing The Black Arrow for the crime that he had comited, only to tag him which Oliver deemed reasonable and he’s not killer and so Vanessa, another Arrow, said “Let me speak with her.” Using this instead of “speak-to” , I could think of the following scenario:

  • Given the current situation, “speak with” convey a confidence of its speaker. She thinks she can work it out meaning she can talk Sarah out of this. Using “speak-to” fails to assure the audience the actor’s determination
  • This also show that “speak with” carries a sense of the speaker’s familiarity/ acquaintance with the object. Sarah is Laura’s sister, Vanessa’s love interest ? “speak-to” is like you dont know the person
  • “speak-to” seems to be about ranking, like when talking to a high level old boss.

Not sure about all this. Let me look it up later.


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