Dont give out answer

In my webtech homework, I have to open a popup window and the its content should fit to the popup window size. So I was messing with extracting the size of the popup window and then resize the popup to that size and set the content to that size when this guy on the backrow suggested to set the content the size of the popup, helping his friends. Darn it. Why did I not think about it before. I have been circumventing the exercise for far too long. I got it. I always tried to come up with my own solution when someone just out of nowhere dropped in and spit it out. Think it is a problem ? Atleast you got the job done? No really, it is like cheating. Once you are exposed to the solution, you stuck with it. Multi-road out there, you just know one way. Sigh…

The dilemma of knowing the solution ( dont have no right of the image ). Found it on google.


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