Uh Umm

“The goal sima haha (look on the right [lotr] )of the cho woa [lotr] algorithm is [lotr][lotr] to replace the default learning algorithm ( eye staring bulleting pen waving chuckle chuckle…psst ) of Vowpal Wabbit….”

I was at the Online Learning Algorithm seminar ( for free food + new knowledge ). The setting is like that of library, quiet, people listening tentatively while this chinese couple freely making noise in Chinese. Every time I would look to the right affected by the noise but do nothing about it. Guy next to me shut them up. Bravo. 🙂

The presenter is from Princeton…..Boy he was crushed by the senile committee….That kept me thinking: If I ended up making something great, I’d better know the subject inside out. I would not survive If I were in the dude shoes …..


I did not learn anything other than : Collections of weak learners will be tuned to become strong learner……


Later in the day, sit in another seminar about Robot learning . Video is the key here….


Performance aware system

There is always a guy arguing with the presenter. I could only guess the following:

  • The presenter fumbled his presentation meaning he did not understand the subject fully.
  • The audience who speaks against him just want to prove a point. This will make the presenter look bad

Please people. He just want to show us what he has just found out in his research. But from another angle, to be accepted is to stand against the judgment and…..That’s how dissertation works but this is presentation let the guy be

I think we should shut the door the presentation once the presentation begins because it will distract the presentation when new person come in the presentation. I’m like : “Here is ahhahahha [door creaks open, light ],….wait what i’m talking about…”



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