It’s that time of the semester again. Final exam is coming around. I know. You rarely see a course progression at all because I am lazy writing. Now this time I am lazy reviewing too.

I like to categorize stuff. Reviewing is no exception. That’s cool when I discover Mac’s right click has Tag options. Hey I could tag doc as RED and BLUE to show TO-DO and COMPLETE, respectively.

Study. Done Study
Boolean System

It seems to be a boolean system but turns out it is not. It is a tertiary system.  This comes up to mind when I need to retag the document and I am feeling lazy. Specifically, when re-tagging a doc, changing it from RED to BLUE, I first have to “Remove Tag RED”:

One Operation
Remove Red

Then Add Blue:

Two Operation
Add Blue

And then I have the big picture up above after I tell Mac to sort by Tag. Then I saw No-Tag section( the third section – now you see what I mean by tertiary system). A document is already a No-tag. How could I forget this ? Given this. I could just flag a doc RED as INCOMPLETE while No-tag already means COMPLETE. That is one operation cut down from two( Remove Red. Add Blue ). Like this. So much better woo-hoo.

One Operation. 2^0
True binary System


Writing a blog is pretty time consuming. More so if the view does not look right. Gotta go in and edit html and all. Wish there was a blog-content publishing tool so I could just edit it offline and push it( I think there is but I take it as a challenge to write a software of my own. Eat your own dog food.)

P/S: Who knows If I could ever finish reviewing. Only time


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