Makefile quirkiness

So today I found some usefulness of Makefile( it is always useful; just that it does not click yet for me until now )

1. Resolving include path

Earlier, I found myself tired of looking over the directory to include in my cpp files. I would write something like this:

#include ../../include/Math/blah.h
#include ../../include/src/blah2.h

Isn’t is gruelsome ? Don’t I just need to know the fact that it exists somewhere and I just need to spell out the name and the program, compiler or whatever will find it out for me. It turns out there is an option for that : -I/dir/ and Makefile makes Laziness to another level.

#include "blah2.h"
#include "blah.h"

2. Some syntax smartness:

– A target can have parameter and you expand the parameters with $^. For i.e: I need to compile all the cpp in a directory, so I make a variable SRC=$(wildcard *.cpp) which at runtime will find all the cpp for me then I just need to pass SRC to target parameter and invoke it with $^. Sweet. very simple.

SRC=$(wildcard *.cpp)
compile:    $(SRC)
         $(CC) $(CFLAGS) $^

– To spell out the target name , use $@. For i.e to compile to object file with the same name as target : $(CC) $(CFLAGS) $^ -o $@.

Here is the Makefile template I’m using so far

CC=g++ -std=c++11
CFLAGS=-c -Wall -I$(INC_DIR)
SRC=$(wildcard *.cpp)

#$^: expanding the parameter
#$@: use the target name
#math.o: compile
#    $(CC) $(CFLAGS) $^ -o $@
compile: $(SRC)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $^
rm *.o *.out

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