Trying to guess the author’s gender

What the heck, man . That is creepy.

Or Is It?
Men or Women. It does not matter

Well, not really. To read is to connect to the author. By the time you breezed through the books, the ideas, the shapes, the manifestations of the author would crystallize and you would soon see or feel the author’s presence in physical form : the voices, the appearances, etc. At least that’s what I feel. You would want to know their gender( this is before googling the author ), you know for curiosity.

When I was reading “Dying for Ideas” by Costica Bradatan when the author was introducing Socrate dying for his philosophy and Plato delineating his master’s final moment and how philosophy gave way to the art of dying rather than enjoy living, sth jumps out :

In so doing[make a ‘good use’ of her death], she re-signifies her life and makes her work whole

My mind clicks here. Hold on, you were talking about men prior(Socrate and Plato; there is Hypatia but she is outnumbered ), then suddenly this ‘she’, that ‘she’. Perhaps, the author is of opposite sex from Socrate because who else sympathize best with women more than women themselves. This is not sexist rational. It is clearly so because you know like how man understands other man better than his woman, blah, blah.

Well, then I google the author, was proved wrong, he is a man. Well, then perhaps fearing the dominance of man in philosophy areas, the author used ‘she’ as a pronoun here to balance the force :).

Remember, what men can do women can do but whether they want to do is another story.( Also, there are jobs better suited/ made for men than women but well)


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