Enter VR

I joined force to develop VR application to understand human’s emotion while interacting with the software.

Since I do not know anything about VR, this is a time to learn. Here are couple links I found that worth reading

Michael Abrash blog @ Valve. Specifically, this VR intro and prophecy  . It started with Quake and Carmack significantly ( sci-fi before that ).

Oculus is the gadget he is quoting from his slides. Demo:

VR according to Abrash is the immersive environment/metaverse that convey the power of presence. You feel you are living in that world. It is as real as it can be. It can only be experienced. Hardware that Abrash recommends:

  •  20ms motion-to-last-photon latency
  • 3ms pixe presence
  • 95Hz refresh
  • 110 degree field of view
  • 1Kx1K resolution per eye
  • High quality, well-calibrated optics
  • Tracking
    • mm-accurate resolution translation
    • quarter-degree-accurate rotation
    • 2meter cubed volume

BAD NEWS : Unity SteamVR on MAC is not suitable( my MAC is too incompetent ). Needs a GPU capable of 95Hz refresh rate 😦

Some additional good reads:

Quake Engine internal by Michael Abrash. Dev comment by Fabien Sanglard.


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