Feeling bored last night, nothing to do but then I remember there was capture the flags game, game that makes you a better programmer/coder, which I gave up after couple challenges a while back( the site suggest : Don’t panic. Don’t give up ). I am going to give it another shot.

Will come back here and update game status with the last game secret code.

BANDIT : command line intro kinda. read man page carefully and you will be fine.

Couple constructs I like:

cat ./-dash-file #file begin with (-)
find . -type f -size nc -user username -group gname -exec file {} \; # find files of size n bytes owned by 'username' and group 'gname' and execute file on it( to know the file type )
tr [a-z] [n-za-m] #famous rot13 casesar cipher
sort text | uniq -c -u # uniq only checks duplicate of consecutive files. it's best to sort before invoking the command
tar -xvf tar_file file #can never remember tar extract command
xxd -r hex file #reverse hex dump, a.k.a get original data fiel

Will try to beat BANDIT by tonight


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