Switch to Vivaldi

So I just switched to Vivaldi browser for a while and love it for a lot of reasons, among them are these.

Oh V

1. Customizable

To its core. I mean it. You could just customize all the features of the browser anyway you want it to be. Love that I could position the tab: like it at the bottom.

Bottom for a change
Tab can be at bottom/top. Customizable

Slide up for thumbnails

Peek a boo
Sneak-peek tabs

Though, I still do not know how to configure new tab position the way I like it or maybe that feature is not available yet. Options are : “After Clone Tab”, “After Related Tab”, “As Last Tab”. Last tab is the default but sometimes I want it to be next to my current tab, close to first tab while last tab is 30 tabs away ( especially when I Ctrl/Command + Click ). Ugh I don’t know, maybe “After Related Tab” works. I have not tried it yet. UPDATE : It works, just like I wanted. Ctrl/Command + T open new tab as last tab while Ctrl/Command + Click open tab next to current tab. Hoo ray.

Another cool thing is it makes use of material design principle I think. The menu area[ around the address bar ] changes color by page theme.

Autocomplete is a little bit off though, but that’s okay.

Thats okay
Autocomplete meh

2. Split tab vertically/horizontally.

Killer feature for coder. Need I say more ? Look up code references in one tab while code in the other while the two are inside one tab. IDE-like right here

Watch movie this way too?
Code-complete. Recycle tabs at its best.

3. Lookup dictionary just works

As an international, I am used to look up words all the time once I encountered new ones. I like how the Mac comes built in with dictionary lookup by triple select a word but it only works in Safari( Bummer ). Thus, I used to want to code an app that runs in the background to spit out words definition when user select them. However, it works in Vivaldi.

Sorry about the NSFW word.

Just notice, it( material design ) is all blue now. Here’s red.

Hymen scary
Lookup dictionary on Mac just works.

4. Nostalgia

I used to use Opera classics because it is really predictive and energy-saving. It displays this little bar MB loaded over and it can even optimize your computer to run in low speed network( by caching on the server I think).

Fond old memory
Opera reminiscence

When I use Vivaldi the first time and saw that bar, it brings back these old fond memory. Lo and behold the creator Vivaldi is the one who found Opera. I am happy now.

All in all, iam never going back to any other browser. 🙂

Top feature : lookup works


Install Opera again for a long time. It got built in adblocks( what Vivaldi lacks ) but still loses to Vivaldi in the customization department( I am using both ) . Cool video on small pop-up windows tho.

Cool Opera
Popup video and builtin adblocks
Play/Pause works.

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