The mysterious “.” files

So once in a while, I reorganized my study space because order and progress, throwing away stuff I don’t need, especially those credit card offer letter, keeping things that are important for a foreseeable future( tax files, bills, etc ) …. Less is more ( or Minimalism ):

And I dugged up this little piece, one heck of an MP3 player:

From SanDisk?

For the record, it is 4GB, still good, could contain a lot of songs. I would take it along the way to school while I am walking so I have something to listen to. I could bike listening but the trip is too fast while walking time is slower and I tend to get to finish the music files ( I stuffed up a lot of lecture files ).  When I loaded up the player, it has two files instead of one:

What's that dot???
2 files of the same name( close )

I checked the disk, it showed only one file…..Weird:

Hidden files speculate
Why only one file ?

Then I saw that the file begins with “.”, clearly indicating the possibility that it is a hidden files, so I quickly fire up terminal and do “ls -asl” on the disk( Mac does not have an intuitive way like windows to show hidden files….sigh ) and voila:

The culprit.
Got you. But who did that

I figured it happened with all the files I had just downloaded too.  What would be causing this ? Was this because I downloaded them directly to the mp3 player instead of to internal hard disk and copy them over ? ( Thereby the mp3 player creating a hidden file???? ). Apparently, the next sane thing to do is find a way to delete them in a lazy way . This might works

find . -name ".*" -exec rm -rf {} \;

Always check before doing any detrimental actions:

find . -name ".*" -print;
Almost delete my files
. = current working directory

If I issue remove, it will delete the current directory ( “.” means cwd ). To fix that, just exclude it:

find . -name ".[!.]*" -print;
Phew. Ready to remove
No more cwd

OK, ready to remove. Looks good so far:

Gone with the winds

What’s about on the mp3 itself?


P/S: The reason I am separating files into its own folder is because I don’t want to play another files after it finished–this is a default beahavior of the SANSA CLIPP( the mp3 name ). The file tends to be 1 hour long and sometimes I played them to sleep and just wanted it to stand by after it finished ( which I already slept half way ) so it won’t damage by inner ear( Without this fix, it will be infinite loop one song until its out of memory).

Oh and here is my ( in progress ) study space.

American Flag from 4th of July
Looks better. Forgot the b4 pic



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