New portable hard drive

I have been wanting to buy a new portable hard drive for a long long long long ( that’s more than 64bit size , 🙂 ) time to free up some spaces on my MacBook as they say it will speed up my late 2011 MacBook pro(bation :)). One other obvious choice is to add more RAMs

but it costs too much for 16GB of RAMs : $85.00 [Neweggs 07/07/2017]- $102.89 [Amazon 07/07/2017] which is about the same price as a 4tb Seagate portable drive[Amazon 07/07/2017]( 4tb is probably more reliable) so I was tending toward hard drive. I was looking at this 2tb Seagate drive[Amazon 07/07/2017] because of the good price $64.99(the lowest price I saw it dropped to) and good feedback from customer.

2TB is good enough?
Since 2014? Wow


The price fluctuates between $67.99-$76.96 and I just keep on waiting until it drops to below that a little bit because “patience is the key” and for some reason I did not look when Black Friday come around and so Independence day coming up and  it showers at me two candidates: WD 2TB easy store portable hard drive($69.99 BestBuy 07/07/2017 still on sale) v.s my fixated Seagate slim ($67.99 Microcenter 07/07/2017 still on sale). I chickened out on the Seagate and buy the WD instead for of Seagate historical fail rate also from the aforementioned article). I also decided to buy game off of steam summer sale. For the cost of 16GBs RAMs, I got a 2TB drive and a couple games, win-win situation I guess:

Ended up not buying Life is Strange and bought only two Jedi Knight available on Mac

So here comes to unbox

Western Digital
Drive here. So small
B ruh
Hello. USB cable. README. No Vietnamese


Let’s test its speed

What does these numbers mean ?
It is fast ? Need a 3.0 USB port to test tho

To be honest, I just want a place to dump all my data for now. I am running low, bro


Need space for games
21GB Left.


Gonna start using it for a while and see how it goes.



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