Back to the future!!!

Derelict and slow Saturday when we were feeling under the weather……It was crazily hot.

Scorching Saturday

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New portable hard drive

I have been wanting to buy a new portable hard drive for a long long long long ( that’s more than 64bit size , 🙂 ) time to free up some spaces on my MacBook as they say it will speed up my late 2011 MacBook pro(bation :)). One other obvious choice is to add more RAMs

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Projects Dead Ops Prime Edition(D.O.P.E). LINK: Worked on Blood spill particle effect, mesh destruction, bullet trail. Tech: C++, Unity … Continue reading Portfolio


XOR applications

Single number from Leetcode

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Back to Vivaldi

Vivaldi is insanely good, very lightweight except video and gif is not working lately…. Turns out they disable hardware acceleration … Continue reading Back to Vivaldi