[Grad AI] Agents(cont.)

So we’re talking about rational agent but what sense does rational mean ?

Best? Yup to the best of the agent’s knowledge

= Optimal ? Yes. To the best of its ability

= OmniScience ? No. Impossible to know everything( drawing conclusion from knowledge is more valuable) b/c of hardware + physics constraint. The Last Question

= Clairvoyant? No. That’s one feat human needs, too. What if it predict wrong ?

= Successful? No. Not always.

In other words, rational = doing the right thing

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing …

-Theodore Roosevelt

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[Grad Search Engine] Intro to Search Engine

“Thank you guys for coming to the class at this time…”(The class is at 8:00AM). The professor, seems young, tall, long nose, dressed like he is going to work after the class.

“How many of you are graduate student?” All raised their hands

“How many of you whose semester is your last semester?” 75% raised.

“I hope you enjoy the experience…..”

You know these small details queries shows that the professor actually care about his student which is cool

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