XOR applications

Single number from Leetcode

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Cascading boolean expression

Today Leetcode problem is rotating linked list .  Doing it is a no brainer( Answer below). What I suddenly realize is you could pipe the boolean expression to simplify the boolean check later on. To jump straight on:

int k1 = (l == 0 ) ? 0 : k % l;
/* equivalent to 
if(l != 0 )
   k1 = k % l;
else k1 = 0;
if(k1 == 0)
    return head; //rotate with k multiple of list length or list empty

It is like a filter so the end result is just one simple check. I know it won’t make much of a difference but it comes to my mind naturally.

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Validating Binary Tree

Was browsing through Medium coding problems of Leetcode( Oh yeah. I think Im at this level ) when I stumble upon this one — validating binary tree. Pfft. You dummy, NO WAY this is medium. Turns out it is harder than I thought ^^, not because it is  hard but because of my stupid mistakes….


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Ajax in the Java MVC world ? How hard can it be ?

It’s actually not that hard…..It’s just …… verbose and time consuming. Well, let’s dive in, shall we.

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[Grad AI] A gloomy harbinger

Times and times again, here we are for the new exciting yet challenging semester. This time I am taking AI. I set my mind up for the challenge, to redress some of the problem I had encountered last semester.

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