Back to the future!!!

Derelict and slow Saturday when we were feeling under the weather……It was crazily hot.

Scorching Saturday

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Back to Vivaldi

Vivaldi is insanely good, very lightweight except video and gif is not working lately…. Turns out they disable hardware acceleration … Continue reading Back to Vivaldi


The mysterious “.” files

So once in a while, I reorganized my study space because order and progress, throwing away stuff I don’t need, especially those credit card offer letter, keeping things that are important for a foreseeable future( tax files, bills, etc ) …. Less is more ( or Minimalism ):

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Reading between the lines[In Progress]

I am picking up books to read lately and thinking of opening a new blog( already DID, just need some time and fillers ) just to expound on the thinking as well as notes of the books I just read( it is always about me keeping note about my life, this blog gonna about computer from now on).

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The part represents the whole[Draft]

Always the part is the whole face value. In particular, the song Universe WordPress supports 8tracks through 8tracks bbcode. God. … Continue reading The part represents the whole[Draft]