Dead Ops Prime Edition(D.O.P.E). LINK:  https://goo.gl/e3iCjc

  • Worked on Blood spill particle effect, mesh destruction, bullet trail.

Tech: C++, Unity Engine.

Snowball Run : Temple Run Inspired game 

  • Implemented core mechanic of player, enemy, obstacle, power-up.
  • Designed event system for communicating between entities.
  • Data-oriented game setting.
  • Space invader mini game.
  • Mesh destruction and Character rigging in Maya.

Tech: C#, Unity, Maya Animation

Rat Lipid MapFriend’s upcoming Phd support site. LINK : https://goo.gl/GoZgiC

  • Designed Relational Database in PostgreSQL + Backend Server in Scala and Play Framework.
  • Automated data conversion/ insertion from Excel.
  • Responsive Web Design with Bootstrap, auto table display with dynatable.

Tech: Javascript, Jquery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, Scala, Play framework.

Project Bystander: Engage bystander’s action to prevent sexual harassment. LINK: https://goo.gl/uxWBLz

  • Devised a mechanism to rewind time and intercept time sequence.
  • Scripting Game play’s logic and character’s animation.
  • Top 3 finalist for USC Body Computing Conference VR Hackathon.

Tech: C#, Unity, Animation, Sound Design.

News Site Crawler: CSCI 572 project.

  • Crawled two news site: LAtimes, Huffington post.
  • Indexed pages using solr.
  • Compared ranking strategy: Pagerank and default strategy.
  • Created google-like search page using Flask.
  • Peter Norvig search term suggestion.

Tech: solr, Python, Flask, networkx.

Project Solertia : Ability-based FPS game. LINK : https://goo.gl/mZo8Nu

  • Implemented and networked scoring system, HUD UI.
  • Coded Slow time ability.

Tech: C++, Slate, Unreal Engine.

Stock aggregator: Stock news, chart hub. LINK : https://goo.gl/gAk2s5

  • Android App to search and view stock related information.
  • Back end server hosted in Amazon Web Service.

Tech: HTML/CSS3/JS, Bootstrap, Android, Java, Amazon Web Service.

Software Renderer: OpenGL fixed function pipeline clone. LINK:  https://goo.gl/drbWXg

  • Image space shading : support Gouraud and Phong shading.
  • Matrix stacks to transform between spaces.
  • Texture mapping and anti aliasing.
  • Final Project: Render 4D fractal. LINK : https://goo.gl/xB0SkV

Tech: C++

Weenix Kernel. LINK: Cannot post link since the license is not Creative Commons.

  • Simple thread.
  • Virtual File System.
  • Virtual Memory

Youtube Link Grabber : Download Youtube link

Youtube Repeat: Repeat Youtube video.


Blog post images

WordPress has a storage limits ( small ) so most of the times I just link it to image I found online. The disadvantages of not using WordPress storage is that you cant make your categories pictured – ‘feature images’ which some fancy blog post tile theme use as source ( only display wordpress pic I think. Im dumb on this ) but I don’t need it so it’s fine.


(  Here’s what I meant

What the????
Feature Images


Also, effectively, you depend the author of the image; if for some reason he decides to delete that images so your blogpost picture would display deadlink. How to make sure it is never gone….. Easy. Reupload it to your image site to repurpose ( make sure to credit the original poster.author ). I used Imageshack.us ( not sure why i use it back then ) . Problem solved. Well, no…..

Today, I found that my imageshack account subscription expired in 2014, what the….. Will further inspect this to see if i can still upload pictures. Maybe its time to do a round up on what sites available for image upload ?

Here’s the test on imgur :



…. To be continued