Editing remote file system with Visual Studio Code

So after having been introduced to Visual Studio Code, I am their evangelist ever since. I would given chances spread the word of how AWESOME that piece of software is and how it possibly is the best open source software Microsoft have ever written (How come Microsoft is good at software they do not charge money for). lo and behold mostly every coworker appreciate and praise it. However, once in a while I peered into one of my colleagues’ screen (Privacy invasion?!!! Slowdown there. We have an open office. It is not half bad. STILL) and I spotted them using Atom and I am little bit let down. What act of treason is this. He still uses Visual Studio Code on his second screen. Sth is odd here.

Awesome visual studio. SOURCE
Awesome visual studio. SOURCE



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Free lance

I recently have a job now. I also work for free, a free lance in a true sense of the word. I don’t work for money ( my job already did pay me ) but for knowledge, challenge that I gain in return, which are priceless.

Usually enough, I take quest from the master ping pong:

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